Beavers Sleepover

Freddie had his proper first sleepover at the weekend when he went on a Beavers Camp. He has had sleepovers with grandparents and once at friends, but other than that I much prefer him to have his friends sleep at ours!

He has never been a clingy child and is incredibly independent, but as I am a stay at home mum, I am always here. I never tend to go out without him and much prefer to socialise with his friends parents, so it really was a new experience for both of us.

The hardest part for me actually was packing his bags the day before, looking through the kit list and writing his name on everything. Where has my little baby gone, he is now 7 years old wearing 8/9 year old clothes and is now going to sleep in the forest without me.


So the morning came, we made sure Buttons (his smallest teddy) was in the bag ¬†and off we went. Well to start with, I was sure I knew where it was so I didn’t bother looking at the instructions! Big mistake! We went to the wrong campsite and had to phone one of the other mums to ask where we actually should have been. So we arrived half an hour late, which actually made it a bit easier. Freddie’s Beaver leader was at the top of the field waiting for him, we had a quick kiss (Freddie of course, not the Beaver leader) and he was on his way. Perfect, no time to see how he interacts with others, no time for me to kiss and cuddle him too much.

I got back in the car with the hubby and it was so quiet. We had a lovely day although pretty much all we talked about was Freddie and wondering what he had got up to. We had a lovely lazy lunch out though just the two of us which is a rarity and was quite delicious.


My favourite part of the weekend though was Sunday morning when we got to pick him up. There must have been 100 kids and they were all sitting in their groups as they had just had a presentation. I could see Freddie searching for us looking worried, until one of his mates pointed us out. He looked so pleased to see us, but once he knew we were there he then got back straight into talking and messing about with his friends.

When they were dismissed I was fully expecting a big cuddle, but no, my 7 year old is too cool to hug his mum in public and just carried on walking with his group. We got to the top of the field where all the parents were collecting their children and there it was, the best cuddle I have ever had in my life. All the way home he was telling us about what an amazing time he had, and all of the great adventures they went on, and did you know there was a bouncy castle obstacle course, and did you see those large rocks, and I did archery, and I have made loads of new friends, and and it went on. It was absolutely lovely, he really enjoyed it.


The rest of the day we just chilled out and did a bit of gardening, but I must have been told I was the best mummy in the world about 50 times, and that he loved me more than anything about 100 times. Freddie has never been an overly emotional child and has always wiped his kisses off (weird – but I think I do it too, although never his), but that afternoon he was so affectionate. #bestdayever


He informed us that he cannot wait for another adventure like this, but not too soon………

How did you all react when your kids went on their first sleepover? Let me know in the comments..







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