Bangin’ Beards Product Review

Bangin' Beards


Now of course I haven’t personally reviewed these products, but my bearded husband has! So we were sent the coconut and rum beard oil and balm, apparently “With hints of Sweet Rum and Coconut, this one will transport you to the Caribbean, making you feel like your basking on that warm sandy beach.” Now I can’t swear to this as we only holidayed in Spain and I didn’t feel like I was on the Caribbean then (I’ll save that story for another time) but my goodness, it certainly reminded me of Malibu!


So who are Bangin’ Beards?

Well they are a Glaswegian company founded by Thomas.

Slowly but surely, Bangin’ Beards was established. Bangin’ Beards strive on sourcing premium products that are natural and paraben free. Each ingredient has been carefully chosen for its unique properties, and blended together to give the best and finest results for you and your beard. All of our products are safety tested certified, all ingredients being used in every product were carefully chosen to be naturally sourced. Bangin’ Beards are completely against the testing on animals and all products have only been tested on our fellow bearded men.

My husband has been using these products now for a couple of weeks and he absolutely loves them. He even took them on holiday with us. They have left his beard feeling much softer, there has been no beardruff, and his skin has had no negative reaction at all (which is great as previous products have).

What do Bangin’ Beards Offer?

They sell mainly oil and beard balm, but they also sell a beard wash, a comb and scissors and three different size gift boxes. Prices for the beard oil is either £7.99 for 10ml or £17.99 for 30ml, the beard balm is £4.99 for 15g, £10.99 for 35g or £17.99 for 75g, and the beard wash is £9.99 for 100ml. The gift boxes range in price from £19.99 to £59.99.

How do Bangin’ Beards Compare on Price?


I compared a number of premium beard oils available in the UK and as you can see they are pretty much smack bang in the middle. You can of course purchase beard oil much cheaper at Boots the cheapest of this size I could find was the Bulldog original for only £5.50. Stuart has tried a number of beard oils and as his beard has made his skin fairly sensitive a number of products have made his face very sore. This was not the case however with Bangin’ Beards.

Would we Recommend Bangin’ Beards?

Absolutely with no hesitation especially the oil.

My Opinion: It smells delicious, and has definitely made his beard softer to touch.

Stuarts Opinion: I prefer the beard oil as it is easy to use and smells great, the balm is a bit too hard and warming it up with my hands didn’t make it pliable enough, however, heating it with a hairdryer did the job.

Exclusive Discount Code

The lovely guys over at Bangin’ Beards have given us an exclusive discount code to use on their products, and this will give you free delivery anywhere in the World. But be quick this is only valid until the end of August 2017.



Please let me know what products you / your partner uses for beards as we are always looking at new ideas……..




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